From the Ground Up:
Starting the Houston
Climate Justice Museum

National context
A statue of Theodore Roosevelt is removed from the entrance of the American Museum of Natural History
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Changes in museums
Updates and new interpretations to what exists, as well as new forms and formats being introduced
Local Context: "over 150 museums and cultural institutions in the Greater Houston area"
Local Precedents
The Natural History Museum in collaboration with t.e.j.a.s,
Mining the HMNS: a museum or a PR front for the fossil fuel industry

Exhibition at Project Row Houses, Houston, Texas, 2016


Where are you in the process of starting a museum?

a.) Just starting to think about it.
b.) Gathering resources and planning.
c.) Our museum has been open less than a year.
d.) Our museum has been open for more than a year.
From the ground up
February 2021


Existing networks:
how does a museum fit in



Salaries, Exhibits, and Programs make up the majority of our budget. The first year, we self-funded the museum with a budget of less than $10,000.

This January we received our first grant, and hope to have around $70,000 through grants this year.

Fiscally sponsored through a local arts organization, and incorporated at the state-level as a non-profit.
On Dioramas
reach out
Feral Atlas at Rice University Solar Studios